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Common DS Lite Faults

The Nintendo DS Lite and Nintendo DSi suffers from a number of faults that arise from both construction issues and from general use.


Nintendo DS Lite Screen Faults -- Click Here

The Nintendo DS has two screens, a sharp knock or fall can easily damage either screen causing black ink spots or bleeding, making it impossible to see the full image on screen. A brand new replacement screen, supplied either for home fitting or our in-house repair service will resolve your screen worries.

The DS Lite Top Screen Repair can be ordered here

The DS Lite Lower Screen Repair can be ordered here

Or, if you would like to fit these parts yourself they can be ordered below:

Top Screen

Lower Screen

Nintendo DS Motherboard problems -- Click Here

The DS Lite occasionally develops power issues, which can seriously harm your console, symptoms of such issues can be that the unit turns on then immediately turns off again, or maybe you can see the DS charge LED is lit when the charger is plugged in but the unit will still not turn on, other symptoms include the light on the right shoulder button not flashing red or green when powering the NDS up,

The power failure repair can be ordered here

Nintendo DS Power Switch problems -- Click Here

The power switch is a fragile part that can be easily damaged due to wear and tear from turning the console on and off. If you find that the power switch is not working, we repair this by fitting a replacement switch.

The power switch repair can be ordered here

Nintendo DS Lite Touch Screen problems -- Click Here

The Touch Screen on the Nintendo DS allows you to easily input data onto the console and is required to play the majority of DS games. If you have had the misfortune to drop your DS Lite and break your touchscreen then we will fit a brand new official part – restoring your DS to working order.

The DS Touchscreen repair can be ordered here

The DS Touchscreen spare part can be ordered here

Nintendo DS Lite Hinge problems -- Click Here

If you drop your Nintendo DS, it is highly likely that you will break the hinge, making it difficult to open the DS to play it, or in worse cases, damaging the delicate ribbon cable that connects the top LCD to the consoles mainboard.

The DS Hinge repair can be ordered here

The DS hinge pin and sleeve spare parts can be ordered here

Nintendo DS Lite Button problems -- Click Here

If any other of your buttons or switches are currently sticking or failing to respond, then we can fit and sell the parts in order to bring your DS Lite back to working order.

The DS Button repair can be ordered here